Slice Night Special

Every Last Thursday

Get ready to GO LARGE on the final Thursday of every month for ACE Pizza’s epic Slice Nights! On the last Thursday of every month, gear up your tastebuds for a gargantuan slice from a 20-inch pizza.

Previous Slice Night Specials have pushed the boundaries of the very concept of pizza, and have included the much-loved Chicken Tikka Pizza, the Moroccan Lamb Pizza, and the Kim-DOOYA Kimchi & ‘Nduja Pizza. Expect the avant garde in pizza slice form–experimenting with flavours for an unforgettable XL slice feast for one night only!

Once it’s gone, it’s gone, so don’t live with the melancholy of missing out–be sure to come by The Pembury Tavern on the last Thursday of every month and grab a slice of oversized proportions and flavour!

Rachel holding up an XL slice of pizzaThe Kim-Dooya Pizza with kimchi and 'nduja in its full 20" size glory in a pizza box is on a pub table.Rory bites into an XL slice of pizza outside of The Pembury Tavern with fantastic gustoGreg hods up a slice from the 20" Kim-Dooya kimchi & 'nduja pizza, topped with spring onion ribbons.

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